Scottish Steak Pie

I use my Mealthy MultiPot for a lot of my recipes

Steak Pie is traditionally served on Hogmanay (new years day) in Scotland, also a popular Sunday dinner in Scotland.

2lb stewing steak (I use a lean stewing steak)

2-3 table spoons of vegetable oil or lard

1 -2 onions sliced

32 oz carton of good beef stock (I use reduced salt)

2 table spoons of plain flour (all purpose) seasoned with salt and pepper

Frozen puff pastry ( usually in the frozen desserts section)

1-2 t spoons of corn starch or other thickening agent


Place steak in a large food bag sprinkle the seasoned flour over, seal the bag and give it a good shoogle (shake)

Place half of the oil/lard in Mealthy MultiPot set to saute (may have to do it in batches) brown the beef once all the beef is browned, set to one side add the rest of the oil/lard to the Mealthy MultiPot fry onions until the become soft you do not to brown them just soften them.

Once the onions are softened add stock, stir add the beef stir everything together.

Prease cancel on Mealthy MultiPot place lid choose the stew setting for 45 minutes allow steam to vent naturally.

Once it is fully cooked take the beef out add the thickening agent (I add a little cold water to the corn starch and mix before adding it to the gravy) turn your Mealthy MultiPot to saute stir the gravy continue until it thickens

Once it has thickened ladle some of the grave on to a gravy boat or jug as long as you leave enough gravy to just cover the stew.

I like to make the stew the night before to allow the flavors to become rich.

Take the pastry out about an hour before you use it or the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. Cut the pastry in to 4 or 8 depending on what portion size you like, bake in a pre heated oven 400 for 15 -20 mins depending on you oven

Place stew on the plate top with pastry. I like to serve it with mash potato, tinned baby carrots and peas.